LotusRomeo men jackets have stylish slim fit shape, and they are produced according to the high standardsof premium wear. The material is breathable, lightweight, washable andflexible, to give maximum comfort to riders. LotusRomeo created model Theo, to give unforgettable style for
male riders as well.

• Slim fit design, elegant style
• Trimming on collar, lapels
and pockets
• Piping on collar, lapel, pockets,
back line
• Premium washable, breathable,
soft and lightweight material
• Breathable mesh lining
• Sleeves are without lining

Our product options

Our products can be assembled from unique combinations and due to our manual production can be as unique as possible.


Our products are made from the highest quality of materials. Due to the fact our products are created wiht manual labor we can guarantee the best possible quality of the end product.