Natasha model is a very unique design in the collection of LotusRomeo. Both the front and the back of this tailcoat are unique and stylish, and still has elegant and professional look. The double lapel part with contrast piping and the elegant shape of the cuffs make the front part different from the average, usual tailcoats. The back part is simply stunning with the pipings at back lines.

Custom-made service and tailoring is possible. Ask your retailer!


Quality is our watch word in everything we do from design through to materials, tailoring and finishing

We view each jacket, tailcoat or shirt as a Lotus Romeo masterpiece, we never compromise

We know speed is essential so all our jackets can be washed in your washing machine

Our product options

All of our ranges use lightweight, breathable, flexible fabrics

In the design, we use breathable thin mesh lining in the rear panels of our jackets and tails

Freedom and comfort of movement means that our sleeves do not have lining

All our fabrics are technical which follow the shape of the body ensuring maximum comfort