The designer

-Technical School of Art: Textile designer course
– Budapest Tech Polytechnical Institution: Product design/Clothes design

Designing is not only my profession, it is also my passion. I was consciously preparing to become a dress-maker from the first year of secondary school.
In my opinion, being fully aware of each step of the production is a must in dressmaking. Drawing is only the first step, but a professional designer has to know whether the model in his dreams is really feasible, moreover, he has to have clear ideas about different materials, tailoring and sewing techniques.
My other passion are horses, and I ride horses as well. It was natural for me to choose designing clothes for rider.

I saw on the market that more and more sporty style appeared, also many brands offered bling-bling, fancy clothes for rider. As I rider, I truly believe that riders should honour their horses with elegant and nice clothing. With their clothing they need to highlight the elegance and nobleness of the horse.

My target was to create a brand, which took into account the roots of equestrian sports, never forgot that originally it was an elegant and noble sport, but also could move with times, and offer fashionable design. The design of LotusRomeo is fashionable, but keeps the rules of classical elegance, what riders can wear proudly after years as well, as they still have a professional look.